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"Mathematical Microscopy" – Jeudi 19/09/2016 – 14H

Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin1

Joint work with William Meiniel1-2, Yohan Le Montagner1-2, Piernicola Spinicelli1, François Orieux3, Edouardo Sepulveda4, Vincent Loriette5, Alexandra Fragola5, Elsa Angelini2

1 Institut Pasteur, CNRS URA 3691, 75015 – Paris, France

2 Institut Mines –Télécom ParisTech, 75013 – Paris, France

3 L2S, CentraleSupelec, 91192 Gif sur Yvette, France

4 LPNHE, 75005 – Paris, France

5 ESPCI-ParisTech, 75005 – Paris, France


Important improvements and breakthroughs in microscopy acquisition methods can be achieved by incorporating innovative signal/image processing ingredients directly into the acquisition and/or reconstruction protocols, and by developing the new paradigm of mathematical microscopy. We will present recent work on Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) that is based on a Bayesian inverse problem formulation approach that enables the computation of one high-resolution image from a reduced number of low-resolution images and has no specific constraints on the modulation pattern. We will demonstrate the efficiency of this approach through numerical evaluations on simulated data and examples on real microscopy data. Then we will show how compressive sensing can be used as a denoising tool in bioimaging. Multiple reconstructions at low sampling rates are combined to generate high quality denoised images using total- variation sparsity constraints. The validity of the proposed method will be first illustrated on synthetic images with known ground truth and then applied to real biological images.


Jean-Christophe Olivo Marin is the head of the Bioimage Analysis Unit, the CTO and director of the Center for Innovation and Technological Research at Institut Pasteur, Paris. He has chaired the Cell Biology and Infection Department at Institut Pasteur, Paris and was a cofounder of the Institut Pasteur Korea, Seoul, South Korea. His research over the years has been centred about developing new algorithms for multi-particle tracking, active contours models, image segmentation, microscope modelling and mathematical imaging. He is an IEEE Fellow, a SPIE Fellow, an IEEE Signal Processing Society Distinguished Lecturer, and chair of the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging Steering Committee.


Musculoskeletal wide detector CT: principles, techniques and applications in clinical practice and research – Vendredi 20 mai 2016 – 9H

Alain Blum

Service d’Imagerie Guilloz, CHU Nancy

 Blum A, Teixeira P.


A progressive increase in the detector width in CT scanners has meant that advanced techniques such as kinematic, dynamic, perfusion and dual-energy CT are now at the radiologist's disposal. Although these techniques may be important for the diagnosis of various musculoskeletal diseases, data acquisition and interpretation can be challenging. This presentation offers a practical guide for the use of these tools including acquisition protocol, post-processing options and data interpretation based on 7 years of clinical experience in a tertiary university hospital.



Faculté de médecine de Nancy- Université de Lorraine (UDL)


Chief of the MSK, Emergency and Neck Radiology Departments (Service d’Imagerie Guilloz, CHU Nancy) since 2004


Member of Société Française de Radiologie since 1990, GETROA-SIMS since 1994, RSNA since 1994, Collège des Enseignants de France (CERF) since 1995, ECR since 2001, Council of SIMS (Société d’imagerie MusculoSquelettique = French MSK society of radiology) since 2001, ONCOLOR (Oncology in Lorraine) since 1998, ESSR since 2005, ISS since 2011.


  • Medical director of the Nancy school of technologists 1997-2010
  • President of SFR Lorraine 2002-2010 and President of G4 Lorraine since 2010
  • President of AFIIM 2007-2011
  • President of SIMS since 2011
  • Expert for HAS (Haute Autorité de Santé) 
  • Member of the Editoral board of EMC since 2009 and associated Editor of Diagn Interv Imaging since 2013
  • Expert for CNAMED since 2009
  • Judicial expert at the Court of Appeal of Nancy
  • Organization of different meetings and courses and of 6 international symposia


  • Member of UMR 7561 CNRS – UHP  (Director: Pr Patrick NETTER): 1995-2011
  • Member of Unité INSERM U947 Imagerie Adaptative Diagnostique et Interventionnelle (IADI): since 2011


  • Monster Anatomy:  Interactive anatomic atlas of the upper and lower limbs. Iphone and Ipad appli.
  • SureMove: tool for dynamic CT-scan (Patent CHU Nancy / Lorraine University No. 1360892)


71 peer review articles in the international literature, 8 books, 11 book chapters in English, 98 in French.

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